Settings Dialog

Starting from version 1.0, Back In Time support profiles.


Set where to save snapshots and schedule automatic backups: disabled, at every boot, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every hour, every day, every week, every month.

Automatic backup use cron jobs so cron must be running.

Starting from version 1.0, snapshots are stored in


You can force to use a different <MACHINE> / <USER> / <PROFILE ID>.


Select files/directories you want to backup.


Select what to exclude for the included directories.


You can automatically remove snapshots older then a specific date or if the free space is less then a specified value.

Smart remove allow you to reduce the number of snapshots using the following rules:

  • keep all snapshots from today and yesterday
  • keep one snapshot for the last week and one for two weeks ago
  • keep one snapshot per month for all previous months of this year
  • keep one snapshot per year for all previous years

You can also specify is auto-remove should keep named snapshots (default true).


  • Enable notifications: if there is an error while taking a snapshot it will display a notification popup.
  • Disable snapshots when on battery (useful for laptops)
  • Backup files on restore: if you restore files/directories backup files it needs to replace
  • Continue on error: keep snapshots even if it detect errors

Expert Options

  • Run nice as cron job (default: enabled)
  • Run ionice as cron job (default: enabled)
  • Run ionice when tacking manual snapshots (default: disabled)
  • Preserve ACL (default: disabled)
  • Preserve extended attributes (default: disabled)