Main Window

Gnome KDE 4

The main window is divided in 3 lists:

  1. Timeline: allow you to navigate between ‘now’ and snapshots
  2. Places: allow to quickly navigate to special folders: home, root, bookmarks and directories to backup
  3. Files: allow to navigate through the file system at the moment specified in timeline list. Files can be opened (double-click) using gnome file association. Keep in mind that snapshots are ‘readonly’. You can sort items by name (folders always first), by size or by date.

If you right-click and item in the file list you will see the following menu:

  • Open the item using gnome-open
  • Copy selected item (you can paste it into your file-manager)
  • Snapshots: show all snapshots for the current file/directory
  • Restore (only for snapshots items) selected file/directory

Main toolbar (the one on the left) items are:

  • Take a new snapshot now
  • Refresh snapshots list
  • Set snapshot name
  • Remove snapshot
  • Show selected snapshot log
  • Show log from the last “take snapshot” process (useful if it fails to take snapshots)
  • Show configure dialog
  • Show about dialog
  • Show help
  • Quit the application
  • Go to Back In Time website

Files toolbar (the one on the right) items are:

  • Go to parent directory
  • Current path
  • Show/Hide hidden (.*) and backup (*~) files
  • Restore current file/directory
  • Copy current file/directory
  • Show all snapshots for the current file/directory