Snapshot fails after updating to Back In Time 1.0

After updating Back In Time for version 1.0 snapshots fails:

Older versions of Back In Time (before 1.0) don’t check for errors. So everithing it looks ok event if it is not. For a backup tool this is dangerous !

Starting from 1.0 there is an error check and a log view. If snapshot fails (usually because of a special file with different user/group/rights like ~/.gvfs) use the log view to get more informations. If you detect this kind of file you have 3 options:

  1. if you really need to backup this files you should change rights or backup them as root
  2. if you don’t care about them exclude them
  3. if you don’t care about and you don’t want/can exclude them you can check “Continue on errors” option in setting dialog.