Back In Time version 0.9.24

Change log:

  • update translations
  • KDE4: fix python string <=> QString problems
  • KDE4 FilesView/SnapshotsDialog: ctrl-click just select (don’t execute)
  • KDE4: fix crush after “take snapshot” process
  • store basic permission in a special file so it can restore them correctly (event from NTFS)
  • implement Gnome/KDE4 systray icons and user.callback as plugins
  • reorganize code: common/GNOME/KDE4
  • GNOME: break the big glade file in multiple file
  • backintime is no longer aware of ‘backintime-gnome’ and ‘backintime-kde4’ (you need run ‘backintime-gnome’ for GNOME version and ‘backintime-kde4’ for KDE4 version)

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