KDE4: Could not connect to host for smb://smb-network/

The application allow you to select local folders only.

In KDE4 I use KFileDialog static method:

QString getExistingDirectory(
		KUrl     startDir=KUrl(),
		QWidget  parent=0,
		QString  caption=QString() )

According to the documentation:

Creates a modal directory-selection dialog and returns the selected directory (local only) or an empty string if none was chosen.

For more information:

So it is not normal to be able to select network. This looks more like a KDE4 bug.

2 Responses to “KDE4: Could not connect to host for smb://smb-network/”

  1. Mike  on April 30th, 2010

    Why do you want the user to provide a “local only” directory. It would be awsome if I could say smb://xyz/ to backup my stuff to a SMB share without having to mount it.

  2. dan  on June 1st, 2010

    This is not so easy to do. There is already a launchpad bug. Please use launchpad for bugs and ideas. There is a bigger community.
    Regards Dan

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