Back In Time version 0.9.22

Change log:

  • update translations
  • KDE4: fix some translation problems
  • remove –safe-links for save/restore (this means copy symlinks as symlinks)
  • create directory now use python os.makedirs (replace use of mkdir command)
  • KDE4: fix a crush related to QString – python string conversion
  • GNOME & KDE4 SettingsDialog: if schedule automatic backups per directory is set, global schedule is hidden
  • GNOME FilesView: thread “*~” files (backup files) as hidden files
  • GNOME: use gtk-preferences icon for SettingsDialog (replace gtk-execute icon)
  • expert option: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/backintime/user.callback (if exists) is called a different steps  of “take snapshot” process (before, after, on error, is a new snapshot was taken).
  • add more command line options: –snapshots-list, –snapshots-list-path, –last-snapshot, –last-snapshot-path
  • follow FreeDesktop directories specs:
    • $XDG_DATA_HOME (default: $HOME/.local/share) to store app.lock files
    • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (default: $HOME/.config) to save settings
  • new install system: use more common steps (./configure; make; sudo make install)

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