Back In Time version 0.9.18

Change log:

  • update translations
  • GNOME bugfix: fix a crush in files view for files with special characters (ex: “a%20b”)
  • GNOME SettingsDialog bugfix: if snapshots path is a new created folder, snapshots navigation (files view) don’t work
  • update doc
  • GNOME & KDE4 MainWindow: Rename “Places” list with “Snapshots”
  • GNOME SettingsDialog bugfix: modify something, then press cancel. If you reopen the dialog it show wrong values (the ones before cancel)
  • GNOME & KDE4: add root mode menu entries (use gksu for gnome and kdesudo for kde)
  • GNOME & KDE4: MainWindow – Files view: if the current directory don’t exists in current snapshot display a message
  • SettingDialog: add an expert option to enable to schedule automatic backups per directory
  • SettingDialog: schedule automatic backups – if the application can’t find crontab it show an error
  • SettingDialog: if the application can’t write in snapshots directory there should be an error message
  • add cron in common package dependencies
  • GNOME & KDE4: rework settings dialog
  • SettingDialog: add an option to enable/disable notifications

For more information go to Back In Time page.

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