Back In Time version 0.9.16

Change log:

  • update translations
  • don’t show the snapshot that is being taken in snapshots list
  • GNOME & KDE4: when the application starts and snapshots directory don’t exists show a messagebox
  • give more information for ‘take snapshot’ progress (to prove that is not blocked)
  • MainWindow: rename ‘Timeline’ column with ‘Snapshots’
  • when it tries to take a snapshot if the snapshots directory don’t exists (it is on a removable drive that is not plugged) it will notify and wait maxmimum 30 seconds (for the drive to be plugged)
  • GNOME & KDE4: add notify if the snapshots directory don’t exists
  • KDE4: rework MainWindow

For more information go to Back In Time page.

One Response to “Back In Time version 0.9.16”

  1. Vadi  on March 13th, 2009

    Hm… it looks like a lot of translations are still unused: (when you use the .po’s from launchpad, upload them back so it marks the strings as synced in green)

    You can also use a special string “about-translators” which launchpad will fill in with the names of translators

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