Back In Time version 0.9.8

Back In Time is a simple backup system for Linux (Gnome & KDE4).

Release version 0.9.8.

Change log:

  • update Spanish translation
  • bug fix: unable to restore files that contains space char in their name
  • unsafe links are ignored (that means that a link to a file/directory outside of include directories are ignored)
  • KDE4: add copy to clipboard
  • KDE4: sort files by name, size or date
  • cron 5/10 minutes: replace mutiple lines with a single crontab line using divide (*/5 or */10)
  • cron: when called from cron redirect output (stdout & stderr) to /dev/null

For more information go to Back In Time page.

2 Responses to “Back In Time version 0.9.8”

  1. Vadi  on February 22nd, 2009

    This is a great app. The preferences menu is really intuitive, but the main window isn’t so – but I hope the manual will clear it up.

    You should make some forum posts about it (ubuntu, french ubuntu) and get it listed on places like gnomefiles and softpedia… I just found it randomly while browsing launchpad transtlations, don’t think many people do that 😉

  2. kgb03301  on May 11th, 2009

    i want to download software back in time

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