Back In Time version 0.8

Back In Time is a simple backup system for GNOME desktop.

Release version 0.8.

Change log:

  • don’t show backup files (*~)
  • add backup files to default exclude patterns (*~)
  • make a single package with all languages included
  • install all languages
  • add English manual (man)
  • add English help (docbook)
  • add help button in main toolbar
  • the application can be started with a ‘path’ to a folder or file as command line parameter
  • when the application start, if it is already runnig pass it’s command line to the first instance (this allow a basic integration with file-managers)
  • bug fix: when the application was started a second time it raise the first application’s window but not always focused

For more information go to Back In Time page.

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